Angelina jolie dating 2016

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Jennifer Lawrence has ended her friendship with Amy Schumer after the comedienne revealed in an interview that Lawrence jokingly texted her, “It’s your fault,” after two women were shot dead during a Trainwreck screening in Lafayette, La. The magazine reports Lawrence is livid with Schumer for divulging her insensitive joke.For how intense their feud has become, click over to Gossip Cop.Angelina Jolie cheated on Brad Pitt with a married billionaire who she’s now dating, reports Star.The magazine says Jolie and her “ruggedly handsome” man have been secretly seeing each other for the last six months and are involved in “the same humanitarian causes.” For details about Jolie’s new boyfriend, and how Pitt reacted to the news, go to Gossip Cop.The actress treated her children to gifts from the popular toy store, as was evident by the loads of bags they lugged on their way out...The actress, 41, appeared in high spirits as she continued the celebrations for Shiloh's 11th birthday by chaperoning her little girl and a bevy of others around the historic site in Los Angeles on Saturday.Sherry lansing is opening up about drug testing Angelina Jolie, defending both Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson, and revealing how her own breakup inspired her to produce her first big hit film, 'Fatal Attraction.'She delighted students with her recent lecture on her work with the UN.

Being a dead ringer for Angelina Jolie does NOT give you carte blanche to go after bachelor Brad Pitt ... The model, who's blown up for being Angie's doppelganger, was out in Bev Hills when we asked if she had any thoughts about dating Brad. we know he's got a type, and she definitely fits the bill.With her millions in the bank, she surely can buy her family anything they want.But her kids come easily impressed, as Angelina Jolie was spotted leaving Toys R Us on Tuesday with her three youngest.Shimizu is an out lesbian and Jolie has acknowledged her own bisexuality.Here’s what you need to know about the 49-year-old San Jose, California, native Shimizu, Jolie’s former girlfriend.

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