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Chatrall sex girl

Known as the ‘Great Game of Kings’, polo was played by the locals in these passes at the same time.

And that too with the utmost passion and without any rules.

Kalasha Desh (the three Kalash valleys) is made up of two distinct cultural areas, the valleys of Rumbur and Brumbret forming one, and Birir valley the other; Birir valley being the more traditional of the two.Anyway, other than that particular report, there wasn’t much I could find, especially at my university library, nor in the online journal databases like JSTOR, Primo, etc.And there could perhaps be many reasons for this: 1) It is too dangerous a topic and may put a researcher’s life at risk as the issue is very “culturally sensitive” and Pashtuns may not take too kindly to “outsiders” invading into their space and writing about something that may further degrade them (as a race); 2) As researchers, we could put the lives of the victims further at risk if we were to intervene by trying to interview them about how they ended up in the sex trade, granted the researcher even allowed access to the victims; 3) Sex trafficking could be a new phenomenon, and it could be possible that it wasn’t considered an issue in the region a few decades ago, as compared to now, where more and more people are starting to realize what a dire issue it is and how degrading it is to force young women and girls into the sex trade.(Child marriages fall into this too, where young girls as young as nine or 10 years old get married off to much older men, who then may force them into the sex trade.) Further, I realize that I’ve limited this research to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, which is probably why the information that was available to me was limited too.However, in the future, I plan to look deeper into sex trafficking trends not only in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, but also in Afghanistan, and how Pashtun women are being affected by it.

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