Loui batley dating

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Loui batley dating

Then: First appeared in the show in 1996 – possibly best remembered for her ultimately heartbreaking marriage to Tony Hutchinson.

Now: Dunn is still acting, recently appearing in multiple episodes of Casualty. Then: Izzy was introduced to the show as "the posh one", and went on to marry local fireman Ben Davies.

Gemma seems to be playing to type, trading on her lad’s mag image, but she looks the part of a horror movie victim at least, and it’s not her fault that the script could have used a little more attention.While Carol loved her husband so much she stayed with him and his alcoholism for 25 years.When he died, she said ‘I lost him twice.’So your heart went out to Keegan Hirst, the 6 ft 4” man mountain captain of Batley Bulldogs rugby league team and a tough, gentle, Yorkshireman whose courageous decision to come out as a gay man last year became front-page news and inspired Elton John to phone him.Bernie and his date Carol, a sprightly 80 year-old belly dancing enthusiast shared poignant past relationships.Bernie’s wife suffered from dementia in her mid 50s until she passed away aged 68.

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Although the character is no longer part of current story lines, she has been central to many key story lines, one of the earliest the high-profile gay storyline involving supercouple John Paul Mc Queen and Craig Dean.