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You try picking a hall, a gown, a florist, a band, a videographer, a photographer, invitations, a menu, and making all the other required decisions while simultaneously trying to figure out and furnish where you and your soon-to-be spouse are going to live -- oh, and still manage to make semi-regular appearances at your office. Now add in the pressure from your families (turns out your mother's, her mother's, and your fiance's ideas of The Dream Wedding just don't match up), the fact that you're gaining weight which is going to be problematic since your dress can't be let out anymore, and meanwhile, your emotions are absolutely frayed beyond words (why did you ask her to marry you again? But then, this: A few months ago, my friend Lia got engaged. Yet all I hear is that dark, grousing spot somewhere deep inside my gut, that whining, kvetchy voice that reminds me that Lia doesn't have time for me.

This was a friend for whom it should have been particularly easy to be delighted. I really wanted to tell you myself, but time just got away from me…" or some such thing. my parents, my rabbi…" If I had been hurt before, I was now crushed. Michael's been selling furniture they don't want for their shared home… And, from everyone, I also hear that they barely have spoken with her… I also hear what I think is the real pain: I thought our friendship was more important to her.

Decide how much money you want to save and split the rest into budget categories.

If you have debt you’ll need to make that a priority as well.

If you’re a western guy, the Saudi girl will likely bombard your phone with pictures of babies.

Medicaid – If you are considered low income you may qualify for Medicaid.Lia had been dating for a long time, longer than I have been, and has been through more than her share of dashed hopes, prospective princes who turned out to be warty frogs, and humiliations galore. "We'll see where it goes…" And so it went for a few weeks. Eventually, I called her back and managed to sound as excited as I wasn't. She asked me where I'd heard the news and I answered that I'd heard it from multiple sources. Instead, she said this: "You know, er, I tried to call you last night." She did? "Um," I stammered, "I really didn't think you'd call me before your parents…" Why did she have to lie? She didn't tell me this was happening, then she didn't tell me that it had happened, and then she lied about it. in the weeks since the engagement, I saw her once -- at a business meeting -- and received one e-mail from her thanking me for a business lead I had sent to Michael. It makes me feel bitter, and sad, and terribly, terribly small.Our friendship was relatively new, but had quickly become important to me. Then one night, we had plans to go to our kickboxing class together. But there were no messages, on either my phone or cellphone. A friend laughed at me for planning to go to her shower the week before the wedding, now not long off at all.If you’re worried about what people with think of you if you receive government assistance, don’t let them know.These programs are all very discreet and you don’t have to announce to the world that you’re getting help.

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Ok, I kid, but Saudi men can get very possessive and jealous.