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Who is greg oden dating

The relative stated every time the two visit and go out, there is an argument to follow.

7, 2014, for battery, Greg Oden is taken to Marion County Community Corrections where he is outfitted with an electronic monitoring device before being released from police custody. Officers arrived at the home in the 7200 block of Maple Bluff Place to find Oden's 24-year-old former girlfriend crying and lying across a bed holding her face, police said.

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Greg Oden, a free agent NBA player, was arrested on Thursday in Indiana on charges of misdemeanor battery after allegedly punching his ex-girlfriend."He punched her in the face," said a witness, who identified herself as the victim's best friend, according to a police report. at a house owned by Oden's mother."Things got out of control and I started to go after the victim," the report, which has redacted names, says Oden told police.

Third pick Al Horford is providing a solid inside presence for a surprising Hawks team that looks poised to make a run to the Eastern Conference Finals this season.

One image captures Greg Oden battling for low-post position on the way to leading the Wildcats to a third straight state title and the nation's No. Another shows one of the many emphatic dunks that earned Oden honors as Indiana's Mr.

Wright confirmed on his Twitter account the one-year contract with the... With Monday's release of the Miami Heat's partial-season ticket plans came the release of pricing tiers for 2015-16 opponents. The simplistic narrative is that all NBA schedules are the same: 41 at home, 41 on the road, every team in the opposite conference twice, just about every team in the same conference four times. Amid the mayhem, Riley, during his coaching days, would sit pregame on the bench diagramming one last set of plays, dark-blue pen on light-blue card stock, oblivious to balls ricocheting about... Barely two months after his arrival in 1995, he blew up his roster and traded for Alonzo Mourning. It used to be these were the depths the Miami Heat would scour only when considering potential first-round postseason opponents. He is not young enough to beat a lot of guys off the dribble.

When it comes to supply-and-demand, Le Bron James continues to resonate in South Florida. Now the post-Le Bron James Heat find themselves amongst them, battling not necessarily for seeding, but survival.

The three players who were selected immediately after Greg Oden in the 2007 NBA Draft are all enjoying really solid NBA careers right now.

The fourth pick that year, Oden's former Ohio State teammate Mike Conley Jr., is currently steering the ship for the Grizzlies, one of the best teams in the Western Conference.

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